The Unlived Life

I'll admit that I go there. I know you do too. "In the crosshairs of the life we expect and the life we have" we steal away to the unlived life. I thought Jesus was exempt from this pull, until I found him in a garden that led to the cross. Friends, we are NOT … Continue reading The Unlived Life

Under this Same Sun

I know. It's all too much. My Ukrainian grandmother, a survivor of unimaginable oppression, has words for Solomon today. Yeah, there's nothing new under the sun. But there IS a Comforter who hears our cries for help . . . Lean in for the God who's there, even as this "world spins madly on" (The … Continue reading Under this Same Sun

What Are You Afraid of?

It's safe to say that after dipping my toes into the podcasting waters, I am now officially in over my head! I promise I'll get back to the written word some day - but for now I want to share a conversation I had with my friend Catherine McNiel; one in which she tips fear … Continue reading What Are You Afraid of?

A New Thing!

Dear Friends, It's been a minute, so I wanted to let you in on the latest: A year-long labor of (mostly) love came to fruition earlier this week with the launch of The Mudroom Podcast. It, along with The Mudroom Blog, is a space for stories emerging in the midst of the mess. For the … Continue reading A New Thing!

Speaking of Joy . . .

I'll be honest and admit that joy's been a bit allusive for us around here. There are dear ones in my circle facing insurmountable difficulties, and I am (truly) powerless to make any of it better. These dark days in the lives of the ones I love have caused me to look just a bit … Continue reading Speaking of Joy . . .

Christmas Unabridged

It's officially here: The season of "unmet expectations, scripted into a fiction of our own making"! Today I ask, "Want to kill a conversation? Tell people how your holidays really went." Need a minute to realign? Cozy up to The Mudroom for a true story about a thief, a Gucci bag, and the dog who … Continue reading Christmas Unabridged

Here Lies Fear

Sometimes we get sand in our eyes. It blinds us from seeing the truth, even about ourselves. Meet me at The Mudroom today. I want to introduce you to a few people (a plantation owner, Nazi soldier, civil rights leader, jungle missionary, prostitute, and queen) who left the sinking sands of their respective cultures for … Continue reading Here Lies Fear

Where Truth Lies

I've been staring at the blank screen after a summer writing sabbatical, but I'm happy to be back inside The Mudroom again! If you're tired of scrolling through "clickbait Band-Aids, theological soundbites, and Insta-mantras" for a way through the pain, lean in with me here for "Where Truth Lies."

A True (Ghost) Story

Last month I was staring out the window at a spring snow, and I caught myself wishing I was the woman walking with her dog instead of me. (Part of me wished I was the dog.) I didn't know this woman or her story, but I was sure it was far less complicated than the … Continue reading A True (Ghost) Story