Toilet Paper-Thin

Thirty years ago, this was me - crouched and ready to throw the next role up into an unsuspecting tree. (Youthful indiscretion . . .) Now, it's still me. But I'm holding on too tightly. Seven days ago, writing about toilet paper would not have entered my wildest dreams. Neither would I have gleaned this … Continue reading Toilet Paper-Thin

Biracial Belonging

Talking about race is a bit like opening those school lunch milk cartons: No matter our approach, stuff spills out awkwardly. This is my experience, at least, as a member of a biracial family unit. Joining my Redbud writing sisters today in the February issue of the Redbud Post, as we tussle with the absolute … Continue reading Biracial Belonging

Not So January White (The Mudroom)

The holidays spilled into unexpected and unwanted territory for me this year. These first few steps into a new calendar feel less like a clean slate and more like a post-Christmas yard sale. I suspect I'm not alone. Click here for my story at the Mudroom this week.