Christmas Unabridged

It's officially here: The season of "unmet expectations, scripted into a fiction of our own making"! Today I ask, "Want to kill a conversation? Tell people how your holidays really went." Need a minute to realign? Cozy up to The Mudroom for a true story about a thief, a Gucci bag, and the dog who … Continue reading Christmas Unabridged

Here Lies Fear

Sometimes we get sand in our eyes. It blinds us from seeing the truth, even about ourselves. Meet me at The Mudroom today. I want to introduce you to a few people (a plantation owner, Nazi soldier, civil rights leader, jungle missionary, prostitute, and queen) who left the sinking sands of their respective cultures for … Continue reading Here Lies Fear

Where Truth Lies

I've been staring at the blank screen after a summer writing sabbatical, but I'm happy to be back inside The Mudroom again! If you're tired of scrolling through "clickbait Band-Aids, theological soundbites, and Insta-mantras" for a way through the pain, lean in with me here for "Where Truth Lies."

Hollowed (Out) Halls of Justice

As we round the corner from Juneteenth to July 4th here in the U.S., I find myself far from the truth (about America and myself) but maybe just a small step closer . . . I'm waiting for you at The Mudroom today. Click here.

A True (Ghost) Story

Last month I was staring out the window at a spring snow, and I caught myself wishing I was the woman walking with her dog instead of me. (Part of me wished I was the dog.) I didn't know this woman or her story, but I was sure it was far less complicated than the … Continue reading A True (Ghost) Story

(Un)Follow Me

My love-hate relationship with the socials is best described as a slow-moving car crash. Maybe it's fitting, then, that my collision with humility began in the middle of the world's busiest intersection. It's painful to confront my pent-up pride, but here I am, spilling a life-altering paradigm shift. This one truly changed me. Click here … Continue reading (Un)Follow Me

Decrypting Kindness

We're told to have it, but we're not always taught how. And friends, we need it NOW more than ever. Click here for the "how" I discovered in the checkout aisle of a grocery store. It changed my life. (Please peruse other musings on kindness, also in this February issue of The Redbud Post. There … Continue reading Decrypting Kindness

Will You Drink?

Joining you today from one of my favorite winter spots in the Rockies! I'm talking - as opposed to writing - for a change. (Although my husband might argue that's always the case!) Meet me in the foothills for the ancient Advent hymn that's changed me in 2020. Click here for my talk - part … Continue reading Will You Drink?