And You Will Hear Thunder

This month a bold and beautiful group of women step into the Mudroom to engage with us on our theme, "Race, Culture, Identity." There will be candid conversation, stories of disquiet and hope . . . and rest assured, there will be thunder. The question I must ask myself is simple: What will I do … Continue reading And You Will Hear Thunder

Pandemic Prayerbook (Free Resource)

Dear Friends, I'm honored to offer you a collection of 30 prayers from 20 writers and ministry leaders — The Pandemic Prayerbook: A Pray-at-Home Guide for the Corona Crisis compiled by Darcy Wiley.  Click here for my prayer: "Every Anxious Thought," at the Mudroom today - where you'll also have access to the whole collection. … Continue reading Pandemic Prayerbook (Free Resource)

Autocorrect Me

I've had a love-hate relationship with autocorrect—on word processors, smartphones and especially with the one in my head. I'm spilling stories about both at the Mudroom today. Spoiler alert: Check out the rose metaphor gifted to me by writer-sister Chelle A. Wilson at the end of this piece (and follow the link to her wise … Continue reading Autocorrect Me

Toilet Paper-Thin

Thirty years ago, this was me - crouched and ready to throw the next role up into an unsuspecting tree. (Youthful indiscretion . . .) Now, it's still me. But I'm holding on too tightly. Seven days ago, writing about toilet paper would not have entered my wildest dreams. Neither would I have gleaned this … Continue reading Toilet Paper-Thin