Will We Weep?

Friends. If you haven't "met" Bree Newsome Bass yet, you must. From thirty feet above, her story arc collides with Jeremiah's almost thirty feet bellow. Together, they're giving a master class on living and breathing grief. Join me at the Mudroom today for a front seat to it all. . . Click here. PS: I'm … Continue reading Will We Weep?

When Christmas Hurts

As we stand on the doorstep of Advent, many of us are holding heavy things - and yet - it's supposed to be THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. Friend and writer, Abby Ball, steps into the cognitive dissonance that is the Christmas season for a raw and real conversation that I'm still mulling … Continue reading When Christmas Hurts

Why are you in the Queue?

Hi, friends! It's been a minute! Summer was full around here with family, fun, and-after two years of dodging it, (not fun) Covid-19. I also got to try my hand at some devotional writing for a project releasing later next year. But I am back at The Mudroom, now, with a bit of blatant (Maybe … Continue reading Why are you in the Queue?

That Two-Week Friendship? It Matters!

Well hello, friends! Did you know that I made the second most important decision of my life on a hike exactly 22 years ago - thousands of miles from home - because a 16-year-old friend dared to ask me about beer bellies and baldness? (More on that if you click here.) I'm breaking from my … Continue reading That Two-Week Friendship? It Matters!

The Unlived Life

I'll admit that I go there. I know you do too. "In the crosshairs of the life we expect and the life we have" we steal away to the unlived life. I thought Jesus was exempt from this pull, until I found him in a garden that led to the cross. Friends, we are NOT … Continue reading The Unlived Life

Under this Same Sun

I know. It's all too much. My Ukrainian grandmother, a survivor of unimaginable oppression, has words for Solomon today. Yeah, there's nothing new under the sun. But there IS a Comforter who hears our cries for help . . . Lean in for the God who's there, even as this "world spins madly on" (The … Continue reading Under this Same Sun