That Two-Week Friendship? It Matters!

Well hello, friends! Did you know that I made the second most important decision of my life on a hike exactly 22 years ago - thousands of miles from home - because a 16-year-old friend dared to ask me about beer bellies and baldness? (More on that if you click here.) I'm breaking from my … Continue reading That Two-Week Friendship? It Matters!

The Unlived Life

I'll admit that I go there. I know you do too. "In the crosshairs of the life we expect and the life we have" we steal away to the unlived life. I thought Jesus was exempt from this pull, until I found him in a garden that led to the cross. Friends, we are NOT … Continue reading The Unlived Life

Under this Same Sun

I know. It's all too much. My Ukrainian grandmother, a survivor of unimaginable oppression, has words for Solomon today. Yeah, there's nothing new under the sun. But there IS a Comforter who hears our cries for help . . . Lean in for the God who's there, even as this "world spins madly on" (The … Continue reading Under this Same Sun

What Are You Afraid of?

It's safe to say that after dipping my toes into the podcasting waters, I am now officially in over my head! I promise I'll get back to the written word some day - but for now I want to share a conversation I had with my friend Catherine McNiel; one in which she tips fear … Continue reading What Are You Afraid of?

A New Thing!

Dear Friends, It's been a minute, so I wanted to let you in on the latest: A year-long labor of (mostly) love came to fruition earlier this week with the launch of The Mudroom Podcast. It, along with The Mudroom Blog, is a space for stories emerging in the midst of the mess. For the … Continue reading A New Thing!

Speaking of Joy . . .

I'll be honest and admit that joy's been a bit allusive for us around here. There are dear ones in my circle facing insurmountable difficulties, and I am (truly) powerless to make any of it better. These dark days in the lives of the ones I love have caused me to look just a bit … Continue reading Speaking of Joy . . .

Christmas Unabridged

It's officially here: The season of "unmet expectations, scripted into a fiction of our own making"! Today I ask, "Want to kill a conversation? Tell people how your holidays really went." Need a minute to realign? Cozy up to The Mudroom for a true story about a thief, a Gucci bag, and the dog who … Continue reading Christmas Unabridged

Here Lies Fear

Sometimes we get sand in our eyes. It blinds us from seeing the truth, even about ourselves. Meet me at The Mudroom today. I want to introduce you to a few people (a plantation owner, Nazi soldier, civil rights leader, jungle missionary, prostitute, and queen) who left the sinking sands of their respective cultures for … Continue reading Here Lies Fear

Where Truth Lies

I've been staring at the blank screen after a summer writing sabbatical, but I'm happy to be back inside The Mudroom again! If you're tired of scrolling through "clickbait Band-Aids, theological soundbites, and Insta-mantras" for a way through the pain, lean in with me here for "Where Truth Lies."

Hollowed (Out) Halls of Justice

As we round the corner from Juneteenth to July 4th here in the U.S., I find myself far from the truth (about America and myself) but maybe just a small step closer . . . I'm waiting for you at The Mudroom today. Click here.