Why The Narrows?

 . . . Because,  14, 259. 

I live in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.


Looming highest above me at 14,259 ft., Long’s Peak is a steadfast narrative in my life. Since childhood it’s lured me to exchange the mundane for the extraordinary.

Maybe that’s why lifting my eyes to its summit still takes my breath away.

“The Narrows” is easily the most treacherous section of trail leading to Long’s summit. Here, you embrace the reality that extreme beauty comes at a price – maybe even life itself. It is an exchange that is both glorious and terrifying.  Every step onward forfeits safety and comfort for a chance to ascend the high places. A Voice beckons me to vulnerably walk the Narrows.  All too often I resist, longing for the security of the lowlands.

“The Narrows” – Longs Peak. Photo by Scott Shaver

The words written here are my endeavors, despite my fears, to ascend the Narrows. There will be stumbles, threatening storms, and always the pull to turn back. But there will also be unimaginable beauty.

In these places, it’s best to have companions.

I’m hoping you’ll walk with me.

Even if it’s just for awhile.