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On this election eve, I’m going out on a limb.

This weekend I saw a lot of costumes, including a toddler dressed up as Chuckie. Yep, that Chuckie. I’m daring you at the Mudroom today to tear off your own masks . . . The OTHER ones. Click here for the full story.

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Hollowed (Out) Halls of Justice

As we round the corner from Juneteenth to July 4th here in the U.S., I find myself far from the truth (about America and myself) but maybe just a small step closer . . . I’m waiting for you at The Mudroom today. Click here.

A True (Ghost) Story

Last month I was staring out the window at a spring snow, and I caught myself wishing I was the woman walking with her dog instead of me. (Part of me wished I was the dog.) I didn’t know this woman or her story, but I was sure it was far less complicated than the … Continue reading A True (Ghost) Story

(Un)Follow Me

My love-hate relationship with the socials is best described as a slow-moving car crash. Maybe it’s fitting, then, that my collision with humility began in the middle of the world’s busiest intersection. It’s painful to confront my pent-up pride, but here I am, spilling a life-altering paradigm shift. This one truly changed me. Click here … Continue reading (Un)Follow Me

These Three Lines

The worry lines etched between my eyes reveal a battle with anxiety that is a lifelong one. For those of you who find yourselves on a road without end, a little hope today: Click here for “These Three Lines” at The Mudroom.


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