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On this election eve, I’m going out on a limb.

This weekend I saw a lot of costumes, including a toddler dressed up as Chuckie. Yep, that Chuckie. I’m daring you at the Mudroom today to tear off your own masks . . . The OTHER ones. Click here for the full story.

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Decrypting Kindness

We’re told to have it, but we’re not always taught how. And friends, we need it NOW more than ever. Click here for the “how” I discovered in the checkout aisle of a grocery store. It changed my life. (Please peruse other musings on kindness, also in this February issue of The Redbud Post. There … Continue reading Decrypting Kindness


Friends. It feels like it’s been awhile. I’m shedding some heavy layers at The Mudroom today as I confront counterfeit hope . . . and queens, and maybe a corgi. Join me there by clicking here.

Will You Drink?

Joining you today from one of my favorite winter spots in the Rockies! I’m talking – as opposed to writing – for a change. (Although my husband might argue that’s always the case!) Meet me in the foothills for the ancient Advent hymn that’s changed me in 2020. Click here for my talk – part … Continue reading Will You Drink?


Can noise and wonder, fear and joy actually coexist? Advent is upon us, but I’ll be honest: It feels a bit hollow. This time around there are far more questions than answers. Maybe that’s how it’s always been. Click here for “Green” – my latest piece at the Mudroom.


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