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On this election eve, I’m going out on a limb.

This weekend I saw a lot of costumes, including a toddler dressed up as Chuckie. Yep, that Chuckie. I’m daring you at the Mudroom today to tear off your own masks . . . The OTHER ones. Click here for the full story.

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This weekend I saw a lot of costumes, including a toddler dressed up as Chuckie. (Yeah, that Chuckie.) I’m at the Mudroom on this election eve with a dare: It’s time to tear off your own masks. (The OTHER ones.) And there might be a bit more on lil’ Chuckie, too. Click here for the … Continue reading Unmasked

Here, Between the Storms

The storms keep coming. I confess I’ve spent the lion’s share of this year agonizing over the vulnerable ones I love. It’s a season for that. But, I’ve also found remnants of peace – counterintuitively – among the frailest and most fragile of things. Click here for the story of how I stumbled into what’s … Continue reading Here, Between the Storms


Yesterday I noticed the night creeping in around 6:00 PM. The days are getting shorter. I fear the inevitable lack of light, figuratively and metaphorically. I’m at the Mudroom today with some illumination on the darker times ahead. And there’s something about a coconut . . . click here.


My high school mascot was a pretzel. It takes a turn for the worse from there. Thankfully, I’ve learned a little something about love on the journey. Coming clean with this piece at the Mudroom today. Click here.


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