I See France . . .

For some reason, the statues on this trip were especially funny . . .

Great Works of France, Exploited

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Tuileries Garden – NOW we know why his head is so white.
Versailles Gardens – Apparently not all French wine is magnifique . . .
Château de Versailles – Toilette? It’s that way.
Good luck finding it in the next million years.
Versailles Gardens – Nothing says serenity like frogs and nymphs regurgitating water.
Versailles Gardens – I don’t care if it’s France, that’s at least a two minute time out  . . .
Louvre Museum – I guess I would take up selfie-photo-bombing if I worked here all day, too. Either that or he thinks I’m trying to leave with a souvenir. I could move my Star Wars, Episode I poster.