Everything and Nothing (Part 3: On Purpose Series*)

Living in this space makes me ponder purpose anew. There will always, always be the next level, street crossing or conquest ahead. And for a few moments, I’ll feel I’ve arrived - as if I have purpose in my cross-hairs. But I’m starting to realize that in this game, purpose is ever-elusive.

A Beautiful Melon’s Unofficial Guide to Cultural Literacy

  I sort of don’t fit in here. That doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. But at 5’10” with frizzy, auburn hair and pale, white skin I haven’t got a chance. Walking Taipei’s narrow alleyways, riding the subway or cramming into an elevator, I feel a strange kinship to this: Though acutely aware of my high-level … Continue reading A Beautiful Melon’s Unofficial Guide to Cultural Literacy

Weak is the “New” Strong

By Nichole Woo This post originally appeared at Leslie Verner's http://www.scrapingraisins.com. In it, I shared some of my thoughts on the "Strong Girl" movement. My best friend’s daughter hates her middle name. As a parent, how do you not take that one personally?  After all, most of us spend about nine months contemplating, debating, and … Continue reading Weak is the “New” Strong

From Across the Room

Pithy wine labels always catch my eye. I appreciate the whimsy of names like “Middle Sister,” “Mommy’s Time Out,” “7 Deadly Zins” and “Goats do Roam.” Recently, I met the weirdest one yet: I was curious to discover the bottle my husband had paired with dinner. It was the exclamation point to the meal he … Continue reading From Across the Room