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The essentials on me, in case you’re wondering . . .


Foodie by marriage. Seeker of paddle-worthy water, mountain paths, and the One who created them. Unpaid Uber driver. Fanta drinker. History nerd.

Publications Elsewhere:

When Narrow Bends Wide, The Mudroom
Among the Ashes, Red Tent Living
Mental Illness and My Elephant of Shame, SheLoves Magazine
Shaking My Shadow, SheLoves Magazine
Last Place in the Human Race, Scraping Raisins (Leslie Verner)
When Church Feels Like a Masquerade, Scraping Raisins (Leslie Verner)
Great Expectations, Scraping Raisins (Leslie Verner)
A Confession: I Am a Tiger Mother, Scraping Raisins (Leslie Verner)
There’s Something about Mary, Scraping Raisins (Leslie Verner)