Invited: The Power of Hospitality in an Age of Loneliness

My friend wrote a book that changed me.

It’s the kind that, after you set it down, alters your soul’s DNA. Leslie Verner’s Invited shatters all of my previous paradigms about hospitality, and unleashes its power as an antidote to loneliness.

The beauty and potency of this book emerge through the narratives she weaves throughout. It comes at a time when we need it the most. . .

Invited releases next week!

Here’s more:

What if we in the West learned about hospitality from people around the globe?


Many people today feel lonely, isolated, and disconnected from God and others. We crave authentic community, but have no idea where to start. Real hospitality isn’t clean, comfortable, or controlled, but an invitation to enter a sacred space together with friends and strangers.

Invited will empower you to open your home, get to know your neighbors, and prioritize people over tasks. Holy hospitality requires more of Jesus and less of us. It leads not only to loving the stranger but to becoming the stranger. Through vivid accounts from her life and travels in Uganda and China and stories of visiting church congregations in the United States, Leslie shares stories of life around the table and how hospitality is at the heart of Christian community.

Pre-order the book here and you will be guaranteed to get it at the lowest price on August 13, 2019 (also, you’ll be eligible for some pre-order gifts!).



Leslie is available to speak at churches, small groups, MOPS groups, Sunday School classes, podcasts and retreats – where she engages with questions/themes such as:

How Can We Overcome Our Hospitality Hang-ups?

  • Barriers to practicing hospitality
  • Solutions for overcoming these barriers
  • Creative ideas for practicing hospitality in different seasons of life

Is the Church Still Hospitable? (Was it ever?)

  • The reality of hospitality in the West (and how other cultures often do it better)
  • What the Bible really says about hospitality, loving strangers, and invitation (i.e. it’s not a spiritual gift)
  • Some solutions: stay, pay attention, invite

Living Missionally After You Return Home from the Mission Field

  • When your calling shifts (how “goers” stay)
  • How missionaries can still use their skills back in their passport country
  • Navigating re-entry

For speaking inquiries, please email Leslie at scrapingraisins (at) gmail (dot) com

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